Tuesday, May 6, 2014

markings and surgery part 2

Marking Day may 1, 2014
May 1, 2014 markings done at the edmonton clinic, post 12hr OT nigh shift so I kinda fell asleep on the table waiting for Dr. Schembri, looks pretty simple, just have to baby them till 5th of May…gentle showers and taking home a black sharpie to redo any faded lines, I must have sweaty boobs because the middle lines are a bit smudged and I wasn’t wearing a bra!! Darn SwooB’s ( sweaty boobs)
He told me that he’s got a few sizes and textures ordered, and I told him my isider info that I’ll be first case on the Monday…0600hrs in the dayward here we go…yay!!!
Not much more to say, but my breast are a bit sore on the far edges, they must know they are out of here pretty soon…bye by rock hard, hello squishy gel’s!!!
Surgery DAY May 5, 2014 Dayward

Got woken up at 2:30 by a upset stomach, took a Gravel, but then ahd a really messed up dream about having a face ballooned out on one side, and needing a PICC line (cnral lince IV catheter) for antibiotics and I was late for surgery…why do I do that I hate being late, bad enough these dreams seem so bloody real. In the real world I was up at 5:30am, out the door in nice fuzzzy PJ’s and bag packed with the bare minimums, main thing my extendable scratcher…ahhh that is a life savor and skin saver.

I got wheeled into the OR room, joking and laughing about my patients from yesteredays shift, ( basically all my people except two were slipping out of their chairs or climbing out of bed and near falling). Had great anestista, first try for the IV site, big needle holy cow 16G (cocktail straw). Woke up bit nauseated, had stinging pain, but not terrible, little morphine and gravol fixed me right up…to sleep lol.

Ride home was good, fresh air felt great. Stopped for some ice cream cones and my pain killers, and crash on the cough day today.

I have an chest binder on, not to be removed till thurs, so bird bath for me till then. 2 drains which I don’t mind so much they will come out when dressing comes down on thurs. Overall sucessful day.

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