Monday, May 19, 2014

Binder comes off: cold soup

So technically the binder came off late yesterday and my worst fears came true, I'm not content with the size, to me they are too small and I have no cleavage. I feel like I'm a flat chested girl of 13 again.
I was consoled by my boyfriend that they look nice, and he says I'll always be beautiful to him, but I should be happy if I'm going to go through all this.
My understanding was that I would be slightly smaller than the expanders and just pushed close together. I can't even make cleavage line when I squeeze my new ones together. They look low to me.  I had to put on a bikini top on to assure myself that that was not the case. I feel awful that I'm not seeing what I thought I'd see. It's going to be hard to come into us office and say that this is not right. At least my mom will be with me and help me find the courage to speak up. I do have to remember this is much bigger than sending back cold soup.
This is my body part that I gave up for the greater good. And I should be happy...Right?

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