Monday, May 19, 2014

Living in my new chest: Grown on me

So this final entry is taken some time to compile…I stood in the mirror and stared for a long while tried on some clothes, the drains came out and didn’t leave much of a mark. I was reminded by both my surgeon and his secretary that this is a functional surgery and not cosmetic, I can still get more work done, but that is at least 2 months down the road. I ahd awonderful birthday party, showing them to my step mom and the other nurse friends, they were amazed at how “natural” I look now that they have kind of relaxed a bit and I’ve shown them off ina bikini I can hosnestly say I’ve found my happiness since the last entry. I feel so beautiful and free.

It also helped I think to be invited to tell my story about BRCA. I’ve geootte many complements saying that I’m very brave and that they are impressed that I could make such a decision so young and come out on top with great results.

So I guess this is the end to my prophylactic story, hope this brings you a look into a real life body and mind transformation journey. Surgeyr is not the only choice but it was mine…And I’m proud to say I’m 25 yr old and a previvor.

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