Monday, April 7, 2014

THE FINAL COUNT DOWN…pick your part appointment!!

April 3, 2014; waiting has been not been too bad, these puppies are a bit sore at times, but otherwaise last 5 months have been pretty good. Went to chiroprcator and man does that feel funny. Laying on my stomach is hard to start with but after about 10 min on the table its like my boobs are asleep, similar to when your bum falls asleep when you sit on a hard floor too long.

Anyways appointment was great, he pans to have it be a day-surgery May 5th, and marking is to be done a few days before, and I get sent home with a sharpie to re-do the lines that fade. He can’t decide which will work best for me, but 600-675ml implants is what I’m gearing for. Right now these expanders are 750ml, so that will be lighter and also more natural looking. I asked him about nipple reconstructon and he basically told me that it might just be the pressure from the expander that’s not allowing the nipple to expand more, and if I really want I can go se the nipple tattoo lady to get some contrast and give the illusion that they are “perfectly perky” only way to find out is get these suckers out.

He said that during the surgery it will probably be 2-1/2 hrs and it will be a lot of sit up see how this size looks, lay down try another, sit up, decide which looks the best, the seal-er up, nip tuck on the sides so they are closer together, and drop the implant a bit under the scar to allow for the nipple to be facing better….sound great to me, wish it was sooner, but I’m sure the night before I’ll be having a hard time sleeping. Until then…tata

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